Call for Papers – European Transport Conference 2011

For those involved in transport planning, research and practice 2011 will prove to be a challenge to their skills. Transport plays a key role in regeneration and there will be particular pressure to produce innovative and cost-effective solutions to congestion, safety and travel behavior change at a time of major budget constraint. ETC 2011 will focus on the needs of local government officers and politicians and attempt to give practical answers based on experience throughout Europe.

The demands on Europe’s transport systems continue to both increase and change as a result of a number of factors – such change demands innovative, robust and affordable responses. As transport practitioners and researchers throughout Europe respond to the challenges of economic decline and growth, social change, demographics and the need to become less unsustainable, the European Transport Conference is the forum for the presentation of and discussion on robust and affordable responses.

The Conference is unique in Europe, attracting around 500 transport practitioners and researchers to a meeting place, where they can find in-depth presentations on policy issues, best practice and research findings across a broad spectrum of transport modes.

The European Transport Conference, now in its 39th year, will benefit again from the financial and technical support of Transport Scotland as the conference returns to Glasgow.


Call for Papers – European Transport Conference 2011Λήψη
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