Transport Simulation Systems (TSS) – 2 Job Positions Available

There are currently two open job positions at Transport Simulation Systems (TSS).

The first position calls for a PhD++ person with specific experience in microscopic/agent-based simulation.

TSS is looking for someone who has good knowledge of implementing models. Programming skills are mandatory.

Location is Barcelona but can be the US for outstanding candidates.

The second position calls for an MEng/MS+ person with a good blend of Aimsun user

experience, ability to program (Python or, better, C++) and an above-average

understanding of traffic flow theory. Location is US, on demanding client site so

the company is looking for someone with well-developed client skills, outstanding attitude

and excellent worth ethic.

TSS is in search of highly qualified people that meet the above requirements (or that

are otherwise exceptional in some combination of OR, applied maths, programming or traffic engineering).

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